Wednesday, 29 August 2007

No More Work

Days without work has been passing by slower than usual. Even the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is over. So, we have no idea where to go even though we have quite a list of places to visit.

Went to a show late Monday night and when the time came to go home, there was no bus left! There was the night bus but we had to pay for that and we didn't have any change on us! So, we decided to walk back home. It seemed like a long way to go, so in the end hailed a taxi and went back in one. It was a lesson well learnt - Always keep change and never, ever go to a late night show. But the show was enjoyable so it wasn't a total waste.

Guess what we found : Malaysian Pavillion! Malaysia decided to send out a team to promote the country here in Edinburgh! They had Batik painting sessions (which we joined), pewter making session (which we wanted to join but only Dhivya and ShuYi joined, and me and Yan Leng were left out to make way for 'ang moh'.. which is not fair at all!!) and FOOD! Satay, Fried Kway Tiaw and Roti Canai. Well, we went mostly for the food (free as well).

You could clearly see the difference in the way they treated us and the ang mohs.. HA!.. during the batik painting session, we got the "best" seats in the house - on the ground. Everyone else got the table where they could colour in their batiks. Also during the pewter making where they got to do their pewter first instead of US when we had been STANDING in LINE!!!! arghhh.... and i so wanted to do my free pewter bowl... which you can also bring home... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Went to Pizza Hut for lunch pizza buffet yesterday and ate to our heart's content.. and some more. Was so full that I didn't even feel hungry for dinner and went to bed without one.

Bought a waterproof and windproof jacket.. it is also cold proof as it has a detachable fleece jacket. Cost me £29.95... it was originally £50++ so guess it is worth it in this unpredictable weather here. Was raining yesterday so i got to try out my new jacket.. BTW... i got it from the children's section.. for children aged 15-16.. hehe..

wanted to upload some photos onto this blog but seem to take ages.. so will do that another day... for now.. just read text and see photos at

want to put more but it takes ages!!

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