Friday, 24 August 2007

Last DAY!!!

Today's my last day.. bittersweet day... am so glad i've finish this placement! wish i did learn a bit more from this but working for the first time in my life for salary in a foreign place (excluding the time i did last year with normah or SGH, where i didn't get paid at all) has been an eye-opening experience for me. If i did not have my friends with me, i probably would have quit ages ago. The fact that there was somebody to talk to when i got home, rant and rave to, and spill all the frustration i felt was enough to keep me going for this long. Thanks Div!

Can't believe that 8 weeks just passed in a blink of an eye. Even tho i didn't get to celebrate my last day with my colleagues but they gave me some chocolates and also a mug with tartan motif on it. hehe..

Yesterday i went down to Newcastle for our Celebration and Review day. It was quite fun actually.. took a few photos from the train, nice scenery and clouds. We, in Scotland, have already completed our Healthcare Assistant Course, BUT... they forgot about us and did not give us our certificates!! Arghh... It was kinda expected tho.. we were not surprised that they forgot about us. My tutor was not surprised when i told her that today... But we had a fun time learning about how the community pharmacy career is coming about in the next few years. Might be kind of exciting to work in a community pharmacy after all... But first.. i would need to do my 3rd year placement with Boots before i can do my pre-registration year with them. So, now i do not know how i'm going to get some hospital experience... maybe thru some other holiday.

Will be going around edinburgh during the last week of august... want to make the most out of my time here in this beautiful place. Also not long now before i have to go down to nottingham... 9/11...

View the pictures i have taken in the following web sites!

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