Monday, 17 September 2007

Autumn's coming

Autumn is coming... Trees are turning colour and leaves are falling. Most importantly, blackberries season is coming to an end. The cyclist path that i take to come to uni has blackberries growing at the sides. They are really sweet and tasty as well.. better than the blackberries that we have plucked and eaten in Scotland.

The weather was wonderful here the last few days. Sunny, without a trace of clouds in the sky and also, no COLD wind! hehe.. but today, clouds started to come around, probably brought about by the chilly wind blowing our way. Rain will probably follow soon.

Went to church yesterday. Actually wanted to go to mass at the uni but when i got to the uni, discovered that i could not pass through the road to get to Trent Building, which is where the mass is being held. The annual Nottingham Marathon was held yesterday and there were a lot of runners going through that road. Waiting by the road side, a relatively old couple came and asked the security people if they could pass through to go to mass. Upon hearing this, i started laughing and the lady (Mary) heard me and asked me if i were going to mass as well. They, Mary and Brendon, decided to go to the cathedral (St Barnabas) in the city centre and offered to bring me as well. So i went with them.

St Barnabas, even though it is the cathedral is not a very big church. At church, i found out that it was a sung mass and i was a bit lost when almost everything was sung in latin. The father that day was a priest from Nigeria and it sounded a bit funny when he was singing in latin. Latin is supposed to be solemn, but the way he made it sound was just funny. As i was flipping through the hymnal trying to find the correct page, an old chinese lady poked me from behind and told me what page it was.

Accompanied dhivya and eilyn to the bus station today as they are going to london for a day. Today is the last day i will share a room with dhivya, after 2 months of sharing a room with her. Wonder how my housemates would be like to live with. I walked around broadmarsh shopping centre and walked up to victoria shopping centre as well. It's so boring walking around alone.

I still haven't put up photos of my highland and glasgow trip but will do so soon enough. Going to go home now before it starts raining in earnest. Wish can settle the broadband at home so can have internet access at home

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