Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Rainbows and puppy dogs? No.. it’s just grey skies and slimy slugs….

I don’t know what to do anymore….

Will be in another team in 2 weeks time. And will be sent far far away to some godforsaken place.

I hate this. I’ve been homesick for 2 weeks, and the day I decided to shake it off and be in a better mood, I get told that I’ll have to take a shuttle to the other hospital, then from there take a public bus to the godforsaken place. And it’s only for the morning… (He made it sound like that’s a good thing). 3 wards for just the morning. Then off back to the other hospital and another ward. Effectively giving me 4 wards to do. Great.

I should’ve just gone back after pre-reg. Why in the world did I decide to come here?

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