Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Pride comes before a fall

I forgot that writing about it would make me feel better rather than mopping around waiting for something to drop onto my lap.

I didn’t get the Band 6 job. Just when you thought that you had it in the bag, something happens to snatch it away. It doesn’t matter how many times they IMPLY that they want you to stay. It doesn’t matter that you perform brilliantly in the time that you are working there.

All it boils down to is how good you can crap during an interview.

Well, if i were an unknown and competing with anther unknown, I would accept that I did not give a good interview because let’s face it, I never give good interviews. I’m not a good speaker, I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, I’m not one to talk about what I learnt. But that’s exactly who they are looking for. Someone who can talk the talk (but would she walk the walk?). Someone who can make up millions of different stories and make it sound impressive. I can’t do that. I get things done.. as well as I can, but what I can’t do is tell the whole world about it.

You guys knew how I am like in interviews.. You interviewed me for the pre-reg post. I told you that I am no good at interviews. But do you take my performance into consideration? No. Absolutely not. Because “employment laws require you to treat every applicant fairly.” How am I treated fairly then?

Tell me then… How do I put this behind me and go to work as if nothing has happened? How do I still go when I feel like it’s not worth my time. I have always enjoyed going in to work but now.. it’s just dragging. Smile they say… well.. you try it when you feel like it’s not worth it.

Guess it is time to move on and find another place. Somewhere that will appreciate my skills. Lesson to everyone: Talk is not cheap. Performance doesn’t matter that much. And never believe people when they say they will retain you.


dad said...

don't worry , it is not end of the world. go and enjoy every minute of your working days as usual. you are teng ( you know in chinese meaning).i had the same experience but you lost something and gain something better. just remember we are alway there for you esp. me. one wise boy always says "never mind".

~em~ said...

ok pappee..

wenhua was here said...

this sort of remind me of myself. About this time around, in 2009, I got rejected to stay too. Was miserable. I broke my hard disk, spoilt my laptop, cut my finger, parents not attending my supposedly graduation. But hey, say hello to spring . Its a pretty time of the year. Enjoy it! And another thing, don't give up yet.

~em~ said...

hey wenhua... thanks.. :D i din go break my harddisk tho.. hehehe..

huixin said...

It's their loss!!
never mind, probably this is a good thing. you might find some even better offers out there! good luck!

Anonymous said...

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.

Emily, I'm sure you will do extremely well for the next one. The road to success is always under construction. I'm sure you can do it.


~em~ said...

thanks anon.... if i could only know who u r... :D

Anonymous said...

neh neh neh~ i am tapir