Sunday, 28 March 2010

Passion Sunday

Today is Passion Sunday.. or Palm Sunday if you like, the start of Holy Week. We had a joint procession, together with the Hereford Cathedral towards our respective churches (St Francis Xavier and Hereford Cathedral). There was a donkey called Peter, children all dressed up in costume, and the congregation from both Hereford Cathedral and St Francis Xavier.

The procession started off at the Hereford Bishop’s Palace, bidding farewell to our brother and sisters from Hereford Cathedral at the Cathedral entrance, and we continued on to the church.

Photo0085 Photo0086 Photo0087 Photo0088 Photo0089 Photo0090

I have a train to catch to Manchester… And in my silly moment had looked at the wrong ticket and thought the train was at 12.30 instead of at 2.50.. so I had to rush back from church and started frantically packing. Then I found out, after looking at the correct ticket, that I had about 2 hours to get ready.. ¬.¬ I had this feeling that my train was later than at noon but it did not click on me when I looked at the time on the ticket. Blonde moment of the day…

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