Thursday, 8 April 2010

Back from Nederlands

I'm finally back from Nederlands...

Today was eventful in itself. We woke up early just to get a full day's worth of things. Went to tropenmuseum which was an anthropological museum that was huge! We got bored halfway and just wandered about.

Anyway, we wandered around Amsterdam just to pass the time until it was time to go to the airport. So we left to take a tram to Central Station at 5pm and met with late trams. We then had to feed coins into the ticket machine to get our tickets and run like crazy to catch the 5.35 train to Schipol Airport. The journey to the airport took 20 minutes, in which I realised that we had to be at the gate at 5.40pm for a 6.10pm departure. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life in which I was alternately scolding myself and praying the plane was delayed.

We reached the airport just before 6pm and ran like crazy to the departure hall and the gate. We reached immigration and I was panting behind another guy and he kindly allowed me to cut to the front. I just asked everyone if they minded us cutting the queue and they were all very nice to let us do so. They probably took pity on us panting people and knew we were late for a flight.

At the passport control, the officer asked if we were in a hurry and I told him yes... Our plane is probably already flying away.

When we had to go through bag scanner, I just took the bag of liquids out and just starting getting out of my jacket and pulling my belt off. I forgot I had a bottle of water in my bag and they discovered it while scanning. I just took it out said sorry I forgot and handed it over to the officer. Then, I just stuffed everything into the bag, including my belt and ran off. My papers and passport fell and I bent down to take them. Sarah then just rushed towards me and crashed into me and knocked my head with the package she was carrying. My jeans were falling off while I was running so I had to hold them up with one hand.

We got the the gate at 6.10pm... rushed through and they told us were are very late. But good thing the plane was still there and we managed to get on it. Plane was delayed due to some paperwork having to be completed. It could be us who delayed the plane but who am I to complain. This is the first time I am grateful that a plane is delayed.

I'll blog about the whole trip soon but rushing for the plane was one I thought should be posted.

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