Thursday, 26 March 2009


Four years we had as comrade in arms,

Tackling together the problems of Pharm,

Growing to know our strength and weakness,

And all the achievements to be witnessed.


The people I’ve met are very varied,

And the classes I took were oh so harried,

And through all that I’ve learned to evolve,

Into a person with strength and resolve.


This has been the experience of life,

With some who I would like to stab with a knife,

But there are others who always stay true,

And comfort me when I’m feeling blue.


So thank you my friends I’ll always say,

From this moment forward to my dying day,

For holding me up and getting me past,

this wonderful yet horrible course at last.


We will not know what the future might bring,

but if in doubt, just give me a ring,

I’ll try to be there as you have been,

And remind you of the fun we’ve seen.


Good luck to all for your future,

And remember all you’ve learnt in lectures,

Forget all phys, pharm and the rest.

But that you can always count on the best.


Here’s my foray into the world of creative writing again…. I hope it’s not too bad, or too cheesy…


eeLinnnn said...

emily, I'm gonna cry and emo somewhere after reading this poem. A very touching poem. i love it!

~em~ said...

AHHAHA eelin... don cry and emo la.. :D thanks thanks

Val said...


huixin said...

wow!! a good one!!

aKiStAr said...

wah you can compete with huixin in poem writing. But hers is in mandarin lar

~em~ said...

huixin: thanks..
shuyi: altogether different language how to compete? :p

shiang said...

hehe!!!yes, a vote for this!!!!