Thursday, 19 March 2009

Labs, reports and dying computers.

It’s again long overdue for a post.

I’ve finished with my labs and it’s a bit sad that it has come to an end. Lab was lots of fun. Chatting and laughing with friends, doing research with expensive materials, and finding out unpredictable results. Been thinking over this week whether I want to pursue a career in pharmacology and do research, instead of working as a pharmacist. Pharmacology seems so much fun when you’re doing research.

Well, here comes the hard part of this semester – write-up. An e-abstract to do, a poster to defend and a 8000-word report to write. Not forgetting all the journals that need to be read in order to write part of the report. Need to start doing soon.

My computer nearly died today. I was trying to download a statistical program and got a malware instead. So I spent nearly the whole day trying to clear the infection. Seems to be doing ok now but hopefully it’s not a fluke and come back again tomorrow.

I need to go sports again. Need to move. But the ankle still seems a bit weak. Maybe will go swimming tomorrow. Maybe I won’t think so much if I go out more… hmm..

Will be going to Heights of Abraham in Peak District on Monday. Hope I’ll have fun.. :D

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