Friday, 28 November 2008


Imagine if you were shrunk down to a size smaller than a cell, and somehow you are floating or swimming around in the body. What would you see?

Cells that go around eating everything at comes in their way, white lymphocytes bringing around spears and guns and what other weapons they can get fighting with mean looking bacteria and viruses. There'll be some ninja lymphocytes as well who have shurikens that they can throw at those mean bacteria so that they will stick on them and some other white cell will kill them.

Then you will accidentally get swallowed by a cell and you find yourself in a chamber which you cannot get out. Suddenly lethal liquid will be poured into the chamber, filling it up quickly, which is intended to digest you. If you are lucky, you will be able to escape and swim in the cytoplasm to reach the nucleus where you can see strings being unwound and wound and floating here and there.

Ok, I don't know what else can be seen if you were there. That's all the extent of my imagination, seeing white cells are actual people with weapons going around killing those evil looking bacteria.


eeLinnnn said...

become ovum easier la. either get flush out or stick to the endothelium and eventually also get flush out.

~em~ said...

AHHAHAHA.. y u wan to become ovum?? ahhahaha

eeLinnnn said...

cause won't be attacked by so many "enemies". haha

~em~ said...

LOL eelin..