Thursday, 6 November 2008

Bonfire Night

We braved the heavy winds and rain, and managed to drag ourselves to the Forest Recreation Grounds to join in the Bonfire Night celebrations. Ok, I'm exaggerating. The wind wasn't that heavy and it was only really heavy mist.

Anyway, we went for dinner first before going off to marvel at the "great" fireworks. Again, with every dinner outing, I always forget to take photos of the good food that we had. So, you just have to take my word that Zizzi is an Italian restaurant that is worth going to. The food isn't as highly priced as others and the food is quite good (I really need to find more synonyms for good). The restaurant atmosphere is very conducive for a romantic dinner or a quiet meal between friends.

Off to the recreation grounds. Firstly, I was grateful to my memory that I managed to remember how to get there by bus and which stand to take it from (was kind of worried that I might have lead the group to wait in the cold for the wrong bus). We got there early and caught the end of the Children's fireworks and waited for the bonfire to be lit.

Some random kid

Some little kid was jumping in front of my camera while I was taking photos of the fairgrounds so I took a photo of him. His mum kept having to drag him away and apologising to me.


The bonfire was then lit and we were mesmerised by the fire (ok, maybe not all of us, others seemed to be more interested in taking photos). There is something about the fire that just captures your attention (no, I'm not a pyromaniac, thank you very much).

Burn Burn Burn fireworks

We stood there until our legs were rubber just to wait for the fireworks to begin. It was just ok. There wasn't a very good choreography of the fireworks leading to fireworks being lit simultaneously on both the left and right side so you did not really know which one to see. It got really smoky in the end and that spoilt the effect of the fireworks, as we only saw gray.

It was fun spending time with friends and this year being the last year to be surrounded by friends, we need to find fun things to do together (not only expensive dinners).

I realise that I need to complete one blog post without doing something else in the mean time or my train of thought gets sidetracked and I always have to cut short what I was writing as I forget what I wanted to write. hehe..


Anonymous said...

trend of thought or train of thought?

~em~ said...

hm.. should be train of thoughts... or maybe i'm using it wrong.