Monday, 9 June 2008

I'm still here

Contrary to popular belief, I am still here....

Ok.. there is no popular belief that I am gone.. It just sounded like a nice way to start.

Anyway, what's everybody doing in their summer holidays? Mine's just lazing around, and playing with the dog, and playing with the sisters, and playing with the brother. Busy life.

The weather is terribly warm here, but not so yesterday and today as it rained heavily. Yes, heavy rain. Not like the rain you get in UK where it DRIZZLES! No, worst than drizzling. It's this constant slight dripping of rain like someone forgot to close the tap tightly and the water is running ever so finely. If it rains heavily in the UK, there won't be constant drizzling will there?

I've been meaning to post up some photos but I have no idea where the cable is. Need to find it before photos can be posted and I shall show you Dubai's twilight skies from the plane.

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cassie said...

more updates more updates! :) yeah its terribly warm in kch :S