Sunday, 22 June 2008

Food Fair

Went to a food fair today and, boy, was it crowded. People were being willingly packed like sardines into the small hall where most of the stalls were set up. You get stall operators shouting at you to buy their things.

Things sold at food fairs are always expensive. But because you have already pre-bought vouchers, you have no choice but to join in the crowd in trying to spend the money wisely.

A word of advice when going to a food fair or any other place where there are a lot of people - do not bring along any young children who are scared of loud noises and crowds. You will only end up carry them and walking along the periphery of where all the action is.

Because I know how much all of you like food, here are some of the food I ate over the past few days:

My dad's pork leg.


Prawn in white wine (or drunken prawns)


Homemade Sarawak Laksa



Vincent Bong said...

u brought gaby along?

~em~ said...

yeap.. haha

shiang said...

Emily, i m jealous at you. you already eating those nice foods, but i am still eating those pre-packed food which i cook for 2 days in one time.!heng~~unfair!haha