Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Nothing to do

There is absolutely nothing to do these days!! It is so expensive to just go out to town... have to spend £1.40 each way or £3.00 for a day ticket on the bus.. anyway.. there is nothing to do in town as well except for shopping.

The uni is huge... to go from one end to the other takes so much walking.. but if you know all the short cuts it will take less time to get there. But it is oh, so confusing... I wonder why they don't put more signpost up so we actually know where we are going.

Even tho there is 20 of us living at the same row, i still feel like i'm isolated from everybody... friends staying in broadgate and also at raleigh... far far away from them.... arghh.. oh well... maybe when term starts it will be livelier.. hopefully..

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