Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ward fun

While in the ward, we approached an old lady and had the following conversation:

Us: Good afternoon. We’re from the pharmacy department and we’re here to check your medicines.

Old lady: huh? Sandwich department???


Drug chart showed that doctor has prescribed a drug for OD (meaning once a day) but he circled 4 different times.

Pharmacist: Dr. Why did you do this?

Dr: I don’t know….

Me: –_-|||


Me talking to a old patient.

Me: Hi Mr X. Good afternoon. I’m from pharmacy and wondering if I could ask you a few questions.

Pt: Sorry!! You need to speak up!! I came here in a rush last night and forgot to bring my hearing aid and my teeth! (laughs)

So, not knowing how to react I nervously laugh with him as well.

Pt: Don’t laugh!! I can’t eat without my teeth.

Me (slightly louder): I’m sorry…… (oops)


And then you get sad cases such as this:

Old lady: Do i walk this way then?

Me: No Mrs Y. You need to sit by your bed.

Old lady: It’s getting dark soon and I want to be home before it gets dark.

Me: If you wait by your bed, a nurse will come and let you know when you will go home.

Old lady: My parents must be really worried about me. They probably don’t know where I am.

Me (after a pause): I’m sure they know where you are and won’t worry too much.

And then you think back and wonder whether you should’ve said what you said. And feel sad for the little old lady with dementia.


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Anonymous said...

It is good to see young aspiring pharmacist like you enjoying it. Having been in this field for a quite a number of years, it is funny too. Make the most out of what you can ;)

~em~ said...

Hi Anon...
I think it would always make life bearable if you can find the funny side of everything.. :D

I find it hard sometimes to keep the fits of giggles from bursting out though...