Thursday, 7 May 2009


I have just handed in the last assignment that I have done in my student life. And that marks the end of a chapter in my life. Would I go back in time to do it over? If I had the chance I surely would. Not to go back and live through all those horrible exams and assignments but to experience again university life.

Will be flying back to Kuching in a couple of days and these few days would be bittersweet. When I’m back here again, we would all be scattered around UK. No more going over next door for dinner or just banging into Puisan’s room to make fun of her. No more gossiping about who did what.

I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see what working life brings me, and how living alone would affect me (I kinda have a feeling it’s going to be tough sometimes). Make new friends… talk to more people… visit more places (which is easier now that everyone is scattered, so will have a place to stay – everyone please welcome me!).

Ok, so I read some news about people being quarantined after travelling to another country. Hopefully my plane is not that “lucky”.


huixin said...

i do welcome you to come back and visit me!!

ven said...

you are not flying mexico for transit are you?

~em~ said...

Ok huixin.. will visit u :D

thankfully not, ven.. :D

Anonymous said...

em! you must come see me during my pre reg year ok? i might even have my own place to stay, so youre welcome to crash at mines. dont say i didnt ask. i'll be waiting.

happy holidays dear :)


Anonymous said...

HEY!im a pharmacy student and i was just wondering,in what way is MPHARM superior to BPHARM?and given a choice,would you come back and work in Malaysia?

~em~ said...

hey anon.. in no way am I qualifed to compared BPharm and MPharm but Mpharm is the degree offered in UK. They don't offer BPharm as their bachelor's degree can be obtained in 3 years as opposed to elsewhere where you need 4 years to obtain your first degree.

MPharm apparently is an undergraduate's masters. Which still sounds kinda confusing to me. They offer this because after joining the EU, they decided to make their pharmacy degree as a 4-year course to make it the same as elsewhere in the EU. Thus, to differentiate between the course long time ago where they do 3 years, they call it MPharm.

I am going to come back to work in Malaysia. Why not? I'm going to do my pre-reg and review my options later but I will definitely come back.