Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I'm long overdue for a post. But I haven't been doing much, so haven't had much to write about.

Have been doing lab work for the past 3 weeks and I'm quite enjoying it most of the time. Maybe because I've been generating results quickly, compared to others. I'm just wondering how to do my write-up at the end of it all. Most people have been doing literature review while I have no idea which literature I should be reading.

Another thing that has been occupying my time are classes. These classes are making me sleepy most of the time. I just wish the module convener would give us the essay titles sooner than later, just so that the classes that I'm attending would actually have some function to it.

I've been going more often for sports as well. Swimming, squash, badminton... Feel like going swimming this week, but.. I accidentally cut my hand on yoghurt packaging so better to keep away from public waters just to avoid some unknown infection.

Ah, nothing much to write... Just another dry post..

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