Sunday, 1 February 2009

Snowy Nights

It has finally snowed in Nottingham. The previous times do not count as it was mostly sleet. But today was real snow! It was all fluffy and light and it has settled about half an inch on the ground.

So, the bunch of us who have never experienced much snow before rush out in our hoodies only to play around in the snow. Photos ahead..

DSC04562 DSC04571 DSC04572 DSC04587 DSC04589 DSC04590 DSC04600 DSC04603 DSC04610 DSC04616 DSC04618

It was cold... I was wearing sandals.. and my toes were frozen.. Even by drenching them with hot water didn't really warm them up! Hope there's more snow tomorrow!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Em!

Yes it was lovely!! I went out and played in the snow with a bunch of friends. We were then joined by another bunch of people and soon enough, we were having a huge snow fight across the courts, it was soo much fun!!!!!

I hope there's more snow too!
Take care.
See ya!
Ruby :)