Saturday, 17 May 2008

Last one of the year...

So, there's another paper left.. and it's the last one for year 3, Toxicology on the 19th May. That is also the day for when we know if we pass or fail our Law exam and our dispensing exam. I'm pretty confident that I did quite well in those two.. but life is always unpredictable, where things I am confident about don't really turn out as expected. So fingers crossed.

Anyway, back to toxicology. I started studying this module fairly early on, and the past few days I was wondering if I had forgot everything that I spent so much time revising. Turns out I still have some space in my brain for toxicology, and that because I understand what I am studying. If I were to blindly memorise something without understanding it (like yesterday's Quality in medicines design and usage), my brain cannot handle that.

My brain is split into two compartments - the understanding part and the memory part. The understanding part takes up the majority of the space in my brain. The memory part is just a tiny spot really. It's just there because everyone has to have a memory compartment. It's like a pendrive storage space... Mine's still outdated and using 56mb instead of the new ones which can store up to 8Gb (or more?). Hmm.. maybe my memory compartment is still a floppy disk. And my brain's running on really low RAM.

I really need to improve my English... I find that it is really deteriorating. Maybe I should start writing stories again (or tons and tons of factual essays) or start reading the dictionary and thesaurus. I found myself using the same words over and over again in the essay yesterday, and I couldn't even crack my brain to find another word to substitute those words, which made me cringe when I was reading through the essay again. It read like a broken disc player, where the same thing was repeated several times.

Or maybe it's just writing factual stuff that makes my English go down the drain?

I think I need a brain scan to determine if I actually have a language spot in my brain.

I just realise I veered off topic after I posted this post. I was talking about toxicology. And I cannot remember what I wanted to post about it. So, short and sweet, good luck everyone on our last paper of the year.


puisan said...

eh emily, keep quiet la.. if like that with my level of english, i dont think i have the language spot.. i dont even need a brain scan to confirm it.

~em~ said...

I wasn't comparing with other people.. i was comparing within myself.. :p