Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Too bright!! too bright!!

My eyes are fully dilated now and any exposure to light makes my eyes water and my vision blurry. I can't see near stuff so I can't do any reading that I have planned to do. Even typing out this post is a bit difficult and I have to turn down the brightness of the screen.

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with my eye. There is not "fairly large naevi" which was written down by the optician, only a very very small pigment according to the ophthalmologist. These pigments could, in time, turn into a tumour, but it mostly occurs in Caucasians and very very very very rarely in Asians. So nothing to worry about!

OK... going to rest my eyes now. It was difficult trying to walk back just now because, even without the sun, it was too glaring. Blessed relief when I got back home and into my room.

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