Sunday, 6 April 2008

Am I going bananas?

The whole house is filled with the aroma of bananas today, as I embark on a baking frenzy. I bought lots of bananas which cost 1 pound on Friday and they are ripening very fast so I had to find a way to get rid of them.

And so, I baked....

Nutella Banana Muffin! Well, I didn't have enough nutella so you can't really taste the nutella. But it is really moist and soft. Yum yum..


And banana walnut bread! It looks nice, smells nice.. but I have no idea how it taste like as it just came out of the oven and I'm too full to try it out. Never mind, will let my "guinea pigs" try it out.  DSC03510

To break the monotony of banana-made products, here's my dinner. Baked chicken with potatoes and mushroom and homemade coleslaw. Somehow I think I need something new to try out for my dinners. It seems to be repetitive.


Baking is fun and all, but the tedious part is washing up. You get tons of dishes to wash up after baking.

Anyway, if you want the recipe to the above banana muffin and bread click here and here.

I still have some more bananas.. What should I do with them? Banana milk shake?


ZhiHao Chua said...

look and sounds delicious! droooling!!

~em~ said...

invite me to visit u and maybe i'll make u one.. haha :D

Yan Leng said...

its really yummy...i m lucky to be one of the guinea pig ^.^ hehehehe

as i said, the banana muffin is yummy, banana cake is even better

~em~ said...

banana bread la. hehe.. tq tq..

Vincent Bong said...

courier it to me! haha