Saturday, 13 October 2007


I finally went cycling after a long time. And my first time cycling "long" distance and sometimes on the main road. It's a bit scary cycling on the road when you can feel and see all the cars passing you by. I borrowed a bicycle from my friend and went with Pui San to Beeston. The first time we went yesterday, my leg muscles were protesting every bi of the way. My butt was complaining as well. The seat was quite hard and the bicycle was quite high as well. I can still read the ground but it was quite uncomfortable. Don't know why people here ride bicycles which are so high. Couldn't even walk properly after getting down from the bike.

Thinking that it was so convenient with bicycles, Pui San and I started to buy groceries for the house. Vegetables and meat. I even bought bread which were 2 for 1.50. Oh dear.. it was such a hassle trying to get back. The baskets were so full! We put some stuff into our backpacks and still the baskets were overflowing. It was the same for today. We went there to find a baking pan and came back, since it's market day, with more vegetables and 2 packs of eggs.

At Beeston today, while waiting for Pui San to look in Wilkinson's for her baking pan, i saw this group of kids (maybe around 9-10 years old) SMOKING!!! OMG.. what is the world coming to? 9 year olds smoking?? Anyway, i just ignored them and left.. ahha..

anyway.. think i'm coming down with a cold.. Sore throat, feeling tired all the time. oh dear...

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