Thursday, 23 September 2010


I’ve left this blog unattended for a long time, having not completed my amsterdam saga. Since then, I have completed my pre-registration training, got myself registered as a pharmacist in UK, went back home for a month and started a new job.

It’s the last bit that makes me want to restart blogging again. So far, I don’t really like it. Don’t get me wrong, people are nice here. It’s just that I feel like an outsider, which is fair as I had just started (it’s only my 4th day today). Maybe with time I will fit in but so far it’s a bit difficult as I am still finding my way around and trying to figure out how they do things here.

I suppose they did expect me to start on Monday, but nobody else seemed to know much what I was supposed to do. A week of shadowing makes me feel a bit useless. After coming from a place where I could do everything, I come here and I know nothing….

Woke up this morning thinking that I might have fallen into depression. Could be due to homesickness and the unfamiliarity of it all. Can’t help thinking whether I made the right decision in choosing not to stay in a place I know and move to a completely unknown area.

I probably just need time to adjust… In the meantime, I am entitled to feel sorry for myself. Being alone in a place where I know nobody…. I guess this is how people become depressed….


Mohd Shukri Fadzillah said...

hey, cheer up. spam my chat box if that makes you feel better :)

~em~ said...

Thanks man.. will hopefully be better in the future