Thursday, 15 January 2009

Information gun

What we need is something like a gene gun, which is used to deliver gene vaccines. Modify the gene gun, so we get something that can deliver information to our brain.

Imagine everyone having one and bombarding ourselves in the head with information so that we can store all of them in our brains without having to go through the trouble of memorising!

Is there a gene that we can tweak to make us all smart?


huixin said...

this is still very ma fan, cuz need to take all those bombardment treatment and the treatment might not last long.

the best will be, modify sperm and ovum, everyone is smart once they are born!let me design the experiment to make this possible. and i might win a nobel prize for that! haha

~em~ said...

no good huixin.... that one cannot help me also.. can help others but not me.. hahaha... short term tx enuf d.. i just need it to work for another week